Wednesday, July 9, 2008

3 Months and Counting

Today marks three months that we have been officially waiting for the referral for our son or daughter. It really has gone by faster than I have anticipated. Hopefully the next five or six will go just as fast. This is a great time for me to clear up the confusion of the Lilypie timeline on the top of this blog. Alot of you have thought that we only have three months to go, but if you notice, it is not a count down, but a count up.

Our adoption agency has a great forum that I read all the time. It's filled with great information from families that have already adopted and from families in different stages of their adoption journey. I have gained so much knowledge regarding all stages of this process so I just want to give a shout out to all the forum friends and say thank you! Without it I don't know how we would have gotten through thus far. I can't imagine what families did before this wonderful invention called the world wide web.

One last thing before I sign off, please vote for Corey Hart prior to 4:00 pm tomorrow. He has maintained a slight lead but anything could happen between now and then.


Shelley said...

You are through your first trimester! YAY! You better get truckin' and get that room done. Tic tock! I look forward to reading your blog everyday so don't forget. You should have been a writer Cheryl - you are so entertaining! I love the picture of the sign in the Babies R Us parking lot! Take a picture of the babies room for us! before and after...