Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally a Nursery?

Well, we finally put new carpeting in what will be the baby's room. We picked it out a couple of weekends ago and they came and installed it last week. I just love it. Our next step is to buy some baby furniture. I think I know exactly what I want so it's just a matter of taking the next step and buying it. I cannot believe it's actually starting to happen. Once we get some furniture, it will really sink in. It's just so hard to believe that this is truly happening after so much heartache. I mean, I know we are still a few more months away from referral, and then a few more months after that, but it seems like no time at all when you consider how long we have been trying to add to our family.

Not much to report on this week regarding referrals. We are at number 25 on the "list" so we are inching our way to the top. I have heard the next batch probably won't be here until early February. I am however, hopeful that the families waiting for court dates will hear some news real soon.