Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally Taking Shape

Last week our baby furniture arrived and over the week we were able to put it together. I did most of it; believe it or not I am the more handy one when it comes to this kind of stuff. Randy did help a lot when it came to needing 4 hands, tightening screws, etc. You can also see our new carpeting we had installed last month. I know we have a long ways to go, but I don't think I am going to go much further until we know if we are having a boy or girl. I have looked and looked at gender neutral bedding and nursery decor, but I think I want to do girly girl if it's a girl, and boyish boy if it's a boy. Also, this will help pass the time between referral and travel, which by the way will probably be more stressful than waiting for referral.

Speaking of referral, we haven't heard much this past week. Still holding at number 18 on the unofficial list. This past week we hit the 10 month mark of officially waiting. We are still being told to expect right around a 12 month waiting mark but I have this feeling that it will be longer. I am solely basing this on the list activity and hopefully I am wrong. The closer we get, the more I day dream about getting that call. The call that will change our lives forever.