Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some things NOT to Say..... adoptive parents. I have been wanting to post this for a while, not for the intentions of offending anyone, but just to make people aware of what they are saying.

Why do you have to pay so much for a baby?
Babies don't cost money, adoption costs money.
Your child is so lucky.
No, we are the lucky ones. How lucky is a child that is born into a situation where he/she cannot stay with his or her birth family?
There are so many kids needing homes here in the states, why another country?
Children all over the world need loving homes.
Now that you've adopted, you'll get pregnant.
Everyone has a story about how their co-worker's cousin's best friend got pregnant shortly after they adopted. The statistics show this really doesn't happen, and to me it implies that an adoptive child isn't as worthy as a biological child.


Rachel said...

Well said:-)

Amy said...

The whole "now you'll get pregnant" kills me. I tell everyone, "fine as long as it doesn't mess up my adoption". Then they look puzzled. I wouldn't stop our adoption proceedings for anything.