Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Wow, it's been an up down last few weeks that's for sure. We were so happy to finally have received our referral, and even more thrilled to hear that it was pretty certain we would make it through courts before they closed for the rainy season. Then we hit a snafu, a really big snafu. Before we can get a court date, MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) needs to issue a favorable opinion letter to the courts before a judge will even review our case. Last week we found out that MOWA decided to unexpectedly close for a couple of weeks to review some staffing issues. They are not expected to return until July 24. What this means is, we don't have a court date because we don't have a letter from MOWA. And once MOWA returns, then the judges will be going on their two month leave during the rainy season. I was devestated, I couldn't stand the thought of having to wait an extra two months because of the MOWA closure, and then because of the court closure.

Then I started to hear rumors. Rumors that maybe the judges would work through the rainy season. So I contacted our specialist, but she had heard nothing of the sorts. Again, my heart sank. For a few moments I thought there would be a chance.

Not three hours later my phone rang. I see it's our specialist. "Cheryl, it's Jill. I have some great news. You have a court date of August 13." As I was sitting at my desk and trying to listen to what Jill has to say, my feet are stomping, my arms are waving. Once again I am overjoyed and cannot believe it. One step closer. I guess the judges decided to stay on for a couple of extra weeks and there are several families from my agency that will also go before the judge on this day. Again, this is a tentative court date and things may change but it's step in the right direction. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we all pass. After we pass, we wait for a Birth Certificate and then travel. Travel should be about 6-8 weeks after court. Hang on Little Miss B. We are getting closer!


Cathy said...

Fingers crossed that all goes well and that you get GREAT news on August 13th and can start packing your bags.