Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You!!!

Thank you Kim for the wonderful message about our beautiful daughter. Kim and her family just returned home from Ethiopia and her baby boy shared a room with Nevaeh. They were able to play with her somewhat and she gave us a wonderful update. Someday soon I hope I can do the same for a family waiting to travel.

Thank you Kate and Stefani. Kate and Stefani have helped me keep my sanity during this crazy and wonderful journey like only others going through it can. It's amazing how close I feel to these women and I haven't even met them in person. Some day soon I hope that will all change.

And thank you to all our family and friends who have given us so much support, listened to me ramble on about things I probably repeated a million times, and for just being there.


Chad & Kate Roberts said...

You are welcome honey! I am still praying every night for all our babies with the hope we travel together! Love you!