Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally Some Action?

Good news, we heard from our agency that referrals will start to pick up once again starting September 1 in anticipation of the Ethiopian courts reopening in early October. This is wonderful especially for those families that have been waiting nine plus months. I wish them speedy referrals and court dates so they can finally be united with their children.

I received a call last week that my books finally arrived so I headed back to the book store to pick them up. Unfortunately, only one was there, even though on the phone they said bookS. They were kind enough, after I complained slightly, to give me a 10% discount on the book yet to arrive. Today the second one arrived so I went back for the third time, and now I can finally say I have both books in hand. I have started There Is No Me Without You and can honestly say once I start reading, it's hard to put this book down.

I do know one thing for sure, I will from now on buy all my books from Amazon.


becker25 said...

There is no me without you is a WONDERFUL BOOK! I read this shortly after our decision to adopt and could not stop crying - it touched me so much! Bring on the tissues and enjoy!