Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Thoughts

Things are finally starting to feel routine again after our vacation last week. I tell ya, I almost need to take a vacation from my vacation. Randy and I kept thinking that this was probably our last trip before we become parents. Every time we did something up north we imagined what it will be like next year when we will have our baby with us. We wondered how the drive would be with a little one. Instead of cranking up the tunes, singing along, and pretending we know how to play the guitar and drums instead will we be working hard to stay quiet in case of a napping baby? Will we have enough room in our vehicle to pack everything since the two of us seem to fill it plump full? And yes, the two of us had a plump full minivan. And yes, I drive a minivan already. Whose turn is it to get up early in the morning when baby is ready to get up? Who gets to go fishing while the other stays back? We talk about these things with huge smiles on our faces as it stirs up so much excitement and anticipation.

I promised myself after we got home from vacation I was going to start working on the baby's room, but I can't do anything until we can find someone to install some phone jacks and a cable outlet in our third bedroom. We are going to move our office into the spare bedroom because it's bigger, so the office will become the baby's room, and the spare bedroom will be, well, a spare bedroom and an office. Sounds like more work but at least this way we will be able to still have the extra bed set up. Also the smaller room (office) has a better closet that has organizers installed so that is another reason I think this will make for a better nursery. All this talk just makes me so nervous because all of a sudden I feel like we are so far behind. I know we have several more months of waiting, and then more until we travel, but so far the wait has gone rather quickly for us. Summer helped, and now fall is on the way and that means the holiday season will be upon us, and boom. Pretty soon we will be celebrating the new year. OK, I guess I am jumping the gun a bit here. But the holidays will be here before we know it.

I finally got caught up on my forum that I read. Not much seemed to happen while we were gone. Since I check the forum several times a day, and I wasn't able to while on vacation, I thought maybe I'd get home to see lots of referrals. No luck. Here's to hoping they will start up in September.