Sunday, August 10, 2008

Half Way?

Sunday night already. Where does the weekend go? Saturday was four months to the day that we have been officially waiting for our referral. I'd like to say that we have hit the half way mark but I have noticed there are some families that have hit the nine month mark. Referral activity has been quite slow, almost non-existant. This isn't a surprise to us as we were told that during the rainy season in Ethiopia, courts are closed and referrals are not usually made, and it's currently the rainy season. The reasoning behind this is so that families don't sit with a referral and wait extra months to get through court. If there is one thing that is more difficult than waiting for a referral, it's waiting to bring your child home once you know who that child is. At least that's what I have heard from families who have received their referrals. Court is usually closed from August through September and then re-opens again in October. So hopefully in September we will see some referral activity in anticipation of courts re-opening.