Tuesday, September 9, 2008

5 Down......

Today marks our 5 month anniversary of officially waiting for our referral. I'd like to say that we are half way through, but based on some communications we recevied from our agency, we are not quite there yet. Last Friday we received word that we can expect a 12 month wait for an infant referral. I am somewhat torn, I feel sad that we will have to wait longer for our baby, however, maybe this means that situations in Ethiopia are allowing children to remain with their birth families. We are not sure of the reasoning for the slow down, it actually could be a number of things. I am not going to dwell on it, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so if this is how it's suppose to be, then so be it. We will use this time to continue to prepare and educate ourselves, and Randy and I are so blessed to have wonderful family and friends to help us stay busy as well.

In other news, it was great to see Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to their first win in the post Favre era. Let's hope the Brewers can find a way to get their bats hot again so they can stay alive in the wild card race. Bowling has started, Randy and I belong in a couple's league. It's actually quite a fun way to spend an evening together with friends during the long, cold, Wisconsin winters. We both just wrapped up our golf leagues. It's too bad the golf season is so short, it would be nice if the seasons were flipped flopped and golf was as long as the bowling season, and bowling was as long as the golf season, but alas, that cannot happen in this climate. And of course, the Badger Football team is off to a 2-0 start, that reminds me, a year ago today we were in Las Vegas cheering the Badgers on as they played UNLV. Well, it was actually a year ago yesterday. Here is a picture of all of us at the tailgate party before the game, and then another picture of all the fans pouring into the UNLV stadium. Look at the long winding road of red!!! It's hard to believe this was an away game played 1500 miles away. I swear, every single Badger fan must have made the trip.