Thursday, September 4, 2008

List Obsessed!

Number 51. That's where we are on the "unofficial" list for those of us waiting for a referral from our agency. Not everyone participates in the list, I have been told that approximately 40% do. So in reality we are probably around 127. Keep in mind, some of the families ahead of us are not all waiting for infants like Randy and I. Some are waiting for slightly older children, some are waiting for twins or siblings, and we all have different requirements as far as what health conditions we are willing to accept. Keeping all this in mind, it's hard to know exactly where we stand. When we were first approved and officially waiting back in April, we started at 101 so we have had significant movement. Just not in the last few months due to court closure. I am obsessed with this list and I check it every day. We have been at 51 for some time now.

So far we have not seen any referrals in the month of September. Next week it's the Ethiopian New Year and I hear many folks go on holiday so I am not too optimistic about seeing any next week either. It may be closer to October. Good thing I have tons of stuff to keep me busy and hopefully take my mind off the "list" for a while.