Monday, September 15, 2008

Everything DOES happen for a reason

Most of you by now know from reading my blog or from us talking about it, that our referral wait times have more than likely increased to 12 months. This means we are not likely get a referral until April of 2009, and then travel will occur around the months of July or August 2009. Athough this is something we didn't want to hear, it doesn't come much as a surprise as we were told up front from our adoption agency that the world of international adoption is constantly changing. And as it turns out, this may be a much better time for us to travel.

See in recent weeks, we learned that my mother has breast cancer. She has gone through two surgeries, and we just found out last week that her treatment will now include 6 months of chemotherapy and after that, six weeks of radiation. Depending on when she starts treatment, it will likely be June or July before it's completed. Because we are very close and she is one of my best friends, I always imagined her in the delivery room when I had a baby. I still imagine her being there, it's just in a different way now. It was a no brainer to ask her to come with us when we travel to Ethiopia. She has been preparing just as we have, getting shots, getting her passport, etc. So in the midst of learning about all she will have to endure in the next few months, she turns to me and says "See, this is why your referral has been pushed out. Now I will be able to travel with you!" So, I just want to say thank you Mom, for all that you do, all that you have done. For worrying about all of us, when you have so much on your plate. You are right, everything does happen for a reason.


Cindy said...

wishing your mom a speedy recovery

Cathy said...


My prayers are with your mom and if you need someone to talk to about this let me know. My mom is a two time breast cancer survivor. She has had a lumpectomy and a double mastectomy. She hasn't had chemo but did have radiation treatments. Her most recent bout was this last year so she isn't out of the woods yet by any means but doing fantastic.

My Mom is my best friend too so I get it. Just offering you an ear if you need it from someone who has been where you are.

good luck!

Kris said...

My mantra as well but i also believe crappy things happen to good people. Phil told me about your mom a few weeks ago and of course I meant to write you.....I know your mom's good attitude and support network will help her through it all just fine. let me know if you need anything.